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  • DMBLive Madison Sq Garden, New York, NY 10/3/1996
    Item #: DMDD147
    So Much To Say about the band’s first full set performance at the legendary Madison Square Garden! The show, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year could not be more high energy. Fueled by the supportive fans of New York City, DMB delivers powerful versions of every song on the setlist, including the debut of the jam "Anyone Seen the Bridge?” with Mike Doughty of Soul Coughing guesting for an improvised scat over it that gets the crowd screaming. The band follows up with all out versions of Tripping Billies, Drive in Drive Out, and Ants Marching to finish out the set. The encore has a treat in the form of a rare acoustic solo version of All Along the Watchtower.
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  • DMBLive Georgia Theatre, Athens, GA 4/6/1994
    Item #: DMDD143
    The Georgia Theatre, formerly an old cinema, was a prominent music venue in Athens, Georgia. It played host to many up and coming acts in the early 90’s including Dave Matthews Band, who performed there 11 times between August 1992 and October 1994.

    A highlight from this show includes a jam that the fans dubbed “Me and Her” and it’s origins are from a soundcheck at the band’s previous show at The Georgia Theatre in February of 1994. This song never reappeared at another concert or on any subsequent recordings.

    Other highlights from this great soundboard recording include an early version of Rhyme & Reason and a high energy rendition of What Would You Say, which both appear later in 1994 on the band’s major record label debut release, Under The Table And Dreaming.

    A special thanks to John Ferguson for this recording.

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  • DMBLIVE - Trax 2/22/94
    Item #: DMDD139
    2.22.94 Trax Charlottesville, VA
    After cultivating their local following, the band’s hard work started to pay off as they spent more time performing outside of Charlottesville and the Commonwealth of Virginia. This show marks their last performance at Trax, and the beginning of extensive touring that would take the band across the nation and around the world. The room’s energy is palpable and the musical delivery spot-on in this recording. This 17-song show hits many favorites and sweet spots, including a 13 min+ show-opening “Seek Up.” Only available as a two-track recording, this performance is a perfect companion piece to Live Trax 37 - the band’s first multitrack recording at the same venue a year prior.
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  • DMBLive First Union Center, Philadelphia, PA 11-30-1998
    Item #: DMDD137
    This DMBLive from Philadelphia’s First Union Center in 1998 comes from one of the most popular tours in DMB history. The show features all founding members and Tim Reynolds, plus Butch Taylor on keys for all but 5 songs. And Bela Fleck sits in on the killer set opener Last Stop, as well as other songs throughout the show, including a nearly 15 minute Two Step with Bela and Tim masterfully trading licks. Stay (Wasting Time) features LeRoi’s powerful horn -- busting through near the end of this tune to take it home. I’ll Back You Up and a fantastic Warehouse seal the deal in the encore.

    This particular Fall 1998 performance only exists as a two track board mix, but the musical prowess and energy of the evening still shine through. A great sound has been captured. Even 17 years after the last notes of the tour, it’s still one for the books.

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  • DMBLive Georgia Theatre, Athens, GA 10/14/1994
    Item #: DMDD130
    On October 14, 1994, DMB played it's 8th and final concert at the Georgia Theatre in Athens, GA. Although this show has been widely circulated as a bootleg, for the first time fans will hear this recording in its entirety with the never before heard Seek Up, a funky and audience-aided Recently, and the night's encore, Halloween, which features a “best of” list like Carter drum solo. LeRoi’s performance is stunning - especially his interplay with Dave on Lover Lay Down and his soaring highs on All Along the Watchtower. Other highlights include an on point version of the short-lived Get In Line and Carter’s incredible pocket and backup vocals on The Song That Jane Likes. This Georgia Theatre show showcases a lot of character and Dave and Carter’s vocals really compliment each other beautifully throughout.
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  • DMBLive The Academy, New York, NY 4/5/1995
    Item #: DMDD125
    This special acoustic show, originally aired as a live radio broadcast, has some of the most intimate live versions of now classic Dave Matthews Band material we’ve ever heard. The show starts with a steady moving Recently which flows deftly to Water Into Wine>Lie In Our Graves, but the real highlight comes mid-show as the band runs through the first public performance of #40. The recordings, though missing the first part of Warehouse, deliver such energy that we had to include every bit of it that was available.
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  • DMBLive Trax Nightclub, Charlottesville, VA 7/28/1992
    Item #: DMDD117
    This set, the earliest release of the band's career in the DMBLive series, features a very new, but very solid, DMB with all original members including Peter Griesar on keys. It’s obvious the band feels comfortable here at Trax in Charlottesville, VA, their original stomping ground. This can be seen when Dave introduces "Satellite" as a song by Elvis, or when the band members stop to say hello to Dave's sister, Jane, before playing the now classic tune “The Song That Jane Likes.” You can feel the vibrant energy of a band certainly on the rise.

    "The Best of What's Around" starts as a slower, blusier version than its present day form and heads straight into a smoking version of "Help Myself." Early in the set "Jimi Thing" gets the full funk treatment and everyone gets a turn to cut loose - from Boyd on violin, to Peter on keys, to LeRoi “Doctor X” Moore on the saxophone - and closes out with a group singalong vocal. The relatively new and beautifully stripped down "Seek Up," with flourishes from Carter and LeRoi, serves as a nice intro into "Typical Situation." Other highlights in this release include Dave solo on "Drive In, Drive Out," "Lie In Our Graves," and a very rare cover of Led Zeppelin’s "Tangerine."

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  • DMBLive J.T. Kingsbury Hall, Salt Lake City, UT, 3/3/1999
    Item #: DMDD112
    3.3.99 J.T. Kingsbury Hall, Salt Lake City, UT

    In January 1999, Dave and Tim embarked on their longest tour - 39 shows spread across the country, largely played in theaters and college auditoriums. Unique versions of older songs, new covers and tracks from Before These Crowded Streets – performed acoustic for the first time – played a prominent role in the tour setlists. For our next DMBLive, we have selected our first show from this tour - a stop at Kingsbury Hall on the University of Utah's campus.

    Highlights of this release include the first Dave and Tim version of The Last Stop (a song that the duo has only played one other time) and Stay (Wasting Time). The Dave and Tim performances of these songs mark the first ever release by the duo! Also included is an early version of Bartender that at this point was beginning to resemble the song that it would become, and Seek Up, which contains the outro that outside of this tour has only been performed during full band shows. Finally, new covers exclusively played during this tour include Lyle Lovett's If I Had a Boat & The Rolling Stones' Wild Horses. Those two songs, along with both of Tim's solos, also make their live release debut. 3.3.99 J.T. Kingsbury Hall, Salt Lake City, UT, has been digitally mastered and is available in its entirety.
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  • DMBLive Palace Theatre, Albany, NY 2/8/1995
    Item #: DMDD108
    Dave Matthews Band toured with opening acts Big Head Todd and the Monsters and the Ugly Americans in the winter of 1995. We’ve selected the 2.8.95 show at the Palace Theatre in Albany, NY for our next DMBLive release, a show currently not available in the trading community. The show is classic DMB for the time period, each of the songs a bonafide standard from the band’s catalogue. Highlights include show opener One Sweet World followed by Two Step and Ants Marching, which have been played as show closing songs in more recent years. The sound of this Palace show is great, from the chaotic apex of Dancing Nancies to the intimately playful Pay For What You Get. Additional old school highlights include a jammin’ Jimi Thing, a solid Satellite and the fast and furious Tripping Billies show closer.
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  • DMBLive The Revolver Club, Madrid, Spain 3/25/1995
    Item #: DMDD106
    DMBLive 3.25.1995 The Revolver Club, Madrid, Spain

    To continue to bring you previously unheard, recorded material, we have selected Dave Matthews Band’s performance from March of 1995 at The Revolver Club in Madrid, Spain. The band delivers a solid set to the expats and native Spaniards in attendance beginning with a charged Seek Up that works straight into Two Step.

    At an early stage in the band’s popularity in Europe, the crowd in attendance sings along to the songs in this first audience mic recording to be released. Highlights of the show include Lover Lay Down, Tripping Billies and Ants Marching. The crowd begins chanting Ole’ and the band joins in, jamming along and illustrating the great time they were having and the strong connection formed with the fans that night in Madrid. 3.25.1995 The Revolver Club, Madrid Spain has been digitally mastered and is available in its entirety.
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  • DMBLive Cameron Indoor Stadium, Durham, NC 4/7/1995
    Item #: DMDD105
    Highlights of this show include the first public #41 preceded by #40 and a substantial mini set of Recently>Water into Wine>Lie In Our Graves. This show marks the band's first return to the Southeast after a lengthy time away, touring in Europe and elsewhere around the US. The show is comprised of solid performances from each band member in front of a lively audience. This particular release is a restoration of sorts, being a mix of the soundboard and an incomplete multi-track recording. 4.7.95 Cameron Indoor Stadium, Durham, NC has been digitally mastered and is available in its entirety.
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  • DMBLive Masquerade Nightclub, Tampa, FL 3/2/1994
    Item #: DMDD95
    The 3.2.94 show from The Masquerade Nightclub in Tampa, FL (the historic Rivoli then Ritz Theatre, now the Ritz Ybor) is the band's first performance at the venue during their first tour dates in Florida. DMB received a great reception from the audience.

    Highlights of the show include a classic Warehouse with supporting vocals from Carter and, as always, one-of-a-kind playing from LeRoi. Hard hitters from the show include Tripping Billies, Pay For What You Get and a solid rendition of Help Myself. Minarets features Carter and Dave’s scatting intro and ends with its typical feverish finish with a segue into Typical Situation. What Would You Say is funky and tight and keeps the crowd hollering. Ants ends the show with a rousing finish. The 3.2.94 show has been digitally mastered and is available in its entirety.
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  • Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds Memphis, Richmond, VA  6/13/1993
    Item #: DMDD93
    6.13.93 Memphis, Richmond, VA

    This DMBLive release is a Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds 1993 performance from the now defunct venue in Richmond, VA called The Memphis. The Memphis was located "up the hill" from the Flood Zone where DMB played many regular gigs in the 90s. This recording captures the intimacy of these early duo shows perfectly. Fans will love the playful banter between Dave and Tim and the audience. Early versions of now bonafide classics provide a different listen and Tim's stunning solo works make this,until now, unheard show a real gem. Dancing Nancies and Song That Jane Likes with Tim playing slide stand out, as well as Tim's Rheginos and the Resurrection.
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  • DMB Oak Mountain Amphitheatre, Pelham, AL 09/09/1996
    Item #: DMDD87
    9.09.96 Oak Mountain Amphitheatre, Pelham, AL

    Highlights of this early Birmingham show in front of a particularly energetic audience include Carter and LeRoi's performance during Seek Up and a noteworthy #41. Leon Mobley joins Carter and contributes to some amazing percussion on Drive In Drive Out. Ben Harper and Leon Mobley join DMB on stage for All Along the Watchtower. 9.09.96 Oak Mountain Amphitheatre, Pelham, AL has been digitally mastered and is available in its entirety.
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  • DMB Mud Island Amphitheatre, Memphis, TN 07/20/1995
    Item #: DMDD86
    7.20.95 Mud Island Amphitheatre, Memphis, TN

    DMB begins this Memphis show with One Sweet World during a light rainfall. Before the song's end, the rain stops and the clouds begin to clear. Dave tells the audience that he had hoped the rain would stop so they could see some satellites and the band then launches into a notable version of Satellite. Additional highlights include Angel From Montgomery with Boyd singing lead and All Along the Watchtower which features a quiet interlude that sounds like distant thunder. Watchtower comes screaming back in full force with LeRoi's saxophone. 7.20.95 Mud Island River Park Amphitheatre, Memphis, TN has been digitally mastered and is available in its entirety.
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  • DMB Backstage Theatre, Seattle, WA 11/26/94
    Item #: DMDD81
    We’re really excited to bring you this release. It epitomizes well played versions of each song, representing a solid show from this period in DMB’s history.

    Highlights include the instrumental intro to One Sweet World and a What Would You Say that really jams. Pay For What You Get features an awesome soprano solo by LeRoi.

    11.26.1994 Backstage Theatre, Seattle, WA has been digitally mastered and is available in its entirety.
    • $13.99
  • DMB Lafayette College, Easton, PA 2/25/1995
    Item #: DMDD71
    This new show in the DMBLive series from the Archive took place on February 25, 1995 in the Allen Kirby Field House on the Lafayette College campus in Easton, PA. The show marked DMB's first visit to Lafayette College, yet the audience offered the band a very warm welcome, singing along to many songs they'd heard but never seen live.

    The band, energized by the crowd’s reception, performed great renditions of now classic DMB songs like Lie In Our Graves, in which LeRoi's saxophone is a soulful highlight. Stefan's funky rolling bass in Recently turns to hauntingly harmonic for the Water/Wine transition into Blue Water>Typical Situation. This Lafayette College show is one of the last venues where Blue Water is incorporated into the set as a full song by the full band and Boyd's performance reflects that. New to national success but seasoned on the stage, Dave Matthews Band gives the feverish crowd a great show.

    02.25.1995 Lafayette College, Easton, PA has been digitally mastered and is available in its entirety.
    • $13.99
  • DMB The Bayou, Washington, DC 12/21/1992
    Item #: DMDD69
    12.21.92 The Bayou, Washington DC

    We’ve dug deep into the archives to bring you the oldest and rawest show to date: 12.21.1992 The Bayou, Washington, DC. To our knowledge, there is no record of this show in the fan community or any seeded recordings.

    DMB performed as the bar band at The Bayou during the holiday season in 1992 as evidenced by the sounds of the bar and holiday revelers on the recording. Peter Griesar was still with DMB during this time and his harmonica on So Much To Say kicks off the first set. Songs of note on the release include Pay For What You Get which quiets the crowded bar a bit, offering the other band members a chance to catch their breath and enjoy the soulful sounds of LeRoi’s sax. Two Step as the second set opener lights the crowd on fire again and the momentum continues with Help Myself which has an urgent energy to it likely due to Carter’s blazing hot drumming. The DC show ends with a little holiday nugget by Dave in the form of Christmas Song.

    12.21.1992 The Bayou, Washington D.C. has been digitally mastered and is available in its entirety.
    • $13.99
  • DMB Frank Erwin Center, Austin, TX 10/24/1996
    Item #: DMDD61
    DMB Frank Erwin Center, Austin, TX 10/24/1996
    • $13.99
  • DMB The Flood Zone, Richmond, VA 01/27/1993
    Item #: DMDD60
    The earliest show released to date in the DMB Live Series, this Flood Zone, Richmond, VA show was once considered for a Live Trax release. This was the 4th show after Dave's return from a visit to his birth country of South Africa in early 1993 and the band worked their way through the vast majority of their repertoire. Peter Griesar can be heard on piano on almost every song and performs a great samba breakdown in an early version of Two Step. Spotlight, and early versions of Halloween, Granny, So Much To Say, and Dancing Nancies stand out on this performance as well as Dave's high notes in I'll Back You Up.

    01.27.1993 The Flood Zone, Richmond, VA has been digitally mastered and is available in its entirety.
    • $13.99
  • DMB The Bayou, Washington, DC 4/10/1993
    Item #: DMDD58
    As far as we know, this DMB show form April 1993 is not seeded and not available for trade which makes is a pretty coveted release. The show pick is a good representation of DMB in the Bayou days. The Bayou was a club in Washington DC which enjoyed a 30+ year run and for years was probably the most important musical showcase in the DC area. Highlights of the 1993 Bayou release include Boyd’s ripping ending to Blue Water; Dave’s acoustic performance between the first and second sets and Best of What’s Around as a rare show-ender.

    4.10.1993 The Bayou Washington D.C. has been digitally remastered and is available in its entirety.
    • $13.99
  • DMB Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, CA 5/10/1995
    Item #: DMDD57
    We’ve selected another great DMB show from the early days for the DMBlive series. A highlight of the Warfield show is Don’t Burn the Pig which is truly in the early stages and more of a jam with improvised lyrics. Other highlights include Recently with band introductions during the Pretty Girl breakdown and All Along the Watchtower which features an outstanding performance by LeRoi. #36 is present on the setlist as its own track and not as an interpolation.

    5.10.1995 Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, CA has been digitally mastered and is available in its entirety.
    • $13.99
  • DMB Irving Plaza, New York, NY 3/26/1994
    Item #: DMDD52
    We hope you’ll be pleased with another great show we’ve pulled out of the archive. The March 1994 Dave Matthews Band show was performed at the infamous 1,000 capacity ballroom in NYC in front of a packed house. Highlights of this show include Minarets featuring Carter’s rap intro, LeRoi’s midsection solo on Lie In Our Graves. Other songs of note include Dave’s back-to-back solos, I’ll Back You Up followed by Say Goodbye, #36 and the crescendo closing song, Halloween. 3.26.1994 Irving Plaza, New York City, NY has been digitally mastered and is available in its entirety.
    • $13.99
  • Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds Appalachian State University, Boone, NC 3/29/2003
    Item #: DMDD49
    3.29.2003 Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds / George C. Holmes Convention Center Appalachian State University / Boone, NC

    The ASU Dave and Tim release is a favorite selected from the 2003 D&T tour. Dave and Tim’s performance on that spring evening in Boone, NC was nothing short of synergetic. The extensive set list speaks for itself and showcases Dave’s comedic storytelling woven between songs. Highlights of this Dave and Tim show are too many to list. A few include Blue Water, Christmas Song, Stay or Leave, Help Myself, Long Black Veil and Satellite which features an interesting intro.
    • $13.99
  • DMB Town Point Park, Norfolk, VA 4/26/1994
    Item #: DMDD48
    We had to dig deep into the DMB vault for this early show! DMB performed a free concert in Norfolk alongside the Elizabeth River to a group of ecstatic fans, many of whom were being introduced to DMB for the first time that April afternoon. The crowd was definitely having a good time as evidenced by the recording. The entire show is a highlight. Our favorite tracks are The Best of What’s Around, Warehouse, Tripping Billies and Minarets.

    4.26.1994 Town Point Park, Norfolk, VA has been completely mastered and is available in its entirety.
    • $13.99
  • Dave Matthews China Club, NYC 01/09/2004
    Item #: DMDD47
    This Dave Matthews solo show is about as intimate as it gets, attended by only 200 fortunate fans and guests. Dave’s birthday, a small NYC club, the opportunity to sing Happy Birthday to Dave in person, what’s not to cherish? Highlights from this private solo Dave performance include So Damn Lucky, Stay or Leave, Bartender and Crush.

    1.09.2004 China Club, New York, NY has been digitally mastered and is available in its entirety.
    • $13.99
  • Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds Prism Coffeehouse, Charlottesville, VA 4/22/1993
    Item #: DMDD46
    This Dave and Tim release is one of the first shows D&T ever played together. The Earth Day 1993 performance took place at the Prism Coffeehouse, a hallowed 140-seat Charlottesville, VA institution founded in 1966. The Prism has a rich history, hosting many musical legends over the years.
    The 23-song setlist features songs from Remember Two Things and several that would make their future debut on Under the Table and Dreaming and Crash. Highlights include Granny, excellent slide guitar by Tim on So Much to Say and Angel From Montgomery.

    4.22.1993 Prism Coffeehouse, Charlottesville, VA has been completely mastered and is available in its entirety.
    • $13.99
  • DMB Blue Note, Columbia, MO 10/22/1994
    Item #: DMDD44
    Another show from the early days, we selected the Blue Note show from DMB’s first trip to Missouri. The band was touring full force in support of Under The Table and Dreaming and the crowd happily sings along with the band throughout the show. Songs of note in this release include ultra rare Get In Line which is a song that DMB has not played in many years and the show ending Halloween.

    10.22.1994 Blue Note, Columbia, MO has been completely mastered and is available in its entirety.
    • $13.99
  • Dave Matthews Benaroya Hall, Seattle, WA 10/24/2002
    Item #: DMDD42
    On Thursday, October 24, Dave Matthews played a solo acoustic show at Benaroya Hall in Seattle, WA which benefited the Bullitt Foundation, who strives to safeguard the natural environment by promoting responsible human activities and sustainable communities in the Pacific Northwest. This intimate concert, one of Dave’s first big solo shows, is a show marked by inspired performances peppered throughout with witty anecdotes. Highlights of the show include Crush, Loving Wings, The Maker, and Gravedigger as well as the flawless Fool to Think which Dave performed for the first time live and solo.

    10.24.2002 Benaroya Hall, Seattle, WA has been completely mastered and is available in its entirety.
    • $13.99
  • DMBLive vol. 30: Des Eurockeenes 7/9/1995
    Item #: DMDD150
    This performance located in the picturesque Lac de Malsaucy area takes on an intimacy perhaps not expected with the band so far from home. With friends and record label comrades in the attendance for Des Eurockeenes, the band launches into a diverse set which includes a still developing #41 among a collection of “old favorites” like Say Goodbye and Pay For What You Get. The set closes with an old school What Would You Say as an intro Ants, followed by an intimate solo acoustic encore from Dave featuring Christmas Song and Two Step, at the crowd’s request. The sound quality in this room is fantastic and coupled with the comfort level from the band, this show is rare treat, not yet heard before by fans.

    • $13.99
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