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  • DMB Live Trax Vol. 41: Berkeley Community Theater
    Item #: DMDD148
    After a two-month tour in 1999, Dave and Tim closed their acoustic run on the evening of March 13 at the Berkeley Community Theater in Berkeley, CA. The duo’s time on the road leading up to this night shows as the performance is exceptional. From the first note of the “Granny” opener, to the encore of "Digging A Ditch”, "Lover Lay Down", and "Ants Marching,” there is not an ill note throughout. And yet, it’s not only DMB favorites that shine; but also Tim’s skilled playing of his complex original compositions, as well as fantastic covers of Daniel Lanois’ "For The Beauty of Wynona" and Lyle Lovett’s "If I Had A Boat", make this show a true listening pleasure. This intimate performance has been mixed from the original multitrack tapes.

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  • DMBLive Madison Sq Garden, New York, NY 10/3/1996
    Item #: DMDD147
    So Much To Say about the band’s first full set performance at the legendary Madison Square Garden! The show, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year could not be more high energy. Fueled by the supportive fans of New York City, DMB delivers powerful versions of every song on the setlist, including the debut of the jam "Anyone Seen the Bridge?” with Mike Doughty of Soul Coughing guesting for an improvised scat over it that gets the crowd screaming. The band follows up with all out versions of Tripping Billies, Drive in Drive Out, and Ants Marching to finish out the set. The encore has a treat in the form of a rare acoustic solo version of All Along the Watchtower.
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  • DMBLive Georgia Theatre, Athens, GA 4/6/1994
    Item #: DMDD143
    The Georgia Theatre, formerly an old cinema, was a prominent music venue in Athens, Georgia. It played host to many up and coming acts in the early 90’s including Dave Matthews Band, who performed there 11 times between August 1992 and October 1994.

    A highlight from this show includes a jam that the fans dubbed “Me and Her” and it’s origins are from a soundcheck at the band’s previous show at The Georgia Theatre in February of 1994. This song never reappeared at another concert or on any subsequent recordings.

    Other highlights from this great soundboard recording include an early version of Rhyme & Reason and a high energy rendition of What Would You Say, which both appear later in 1994 on the band’s major record label debut release, Under The Table And Dreaming.

    A special thanks to John Ferguson for this recording.

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  • DMB Live Trax Vol. 37: Trax
    Item #: DMDD138

    By November 1992, Dave Matthews Band had been performing together for just over a year. While the band had consistently made board tapes of their weekly Trax appearances, this show, recorded by John Alagia, is the very first live DMB multitrack recording.

    This recording captures the freshness of the young band as they further define an already-strong approach to stage and delivery. With a 22-song set, including only 1 cover, Dave Matthews Band’s catalog was already extensive, even in the early stages of their career. The setlist contains now-classic DMB staples, such as the set-opening “The Song That Jane Likes,” “Two Step,” and “What Would You Say,” as well as THE now-retired “Spotlight.” Original founding member, Peter Griesar, plays keys throughout the show and harmonica on “So Much To Say,” and a very vocal LeRoi goads Boyd to jam freely on his violin, keeping the energy high through the encore of this must-have show.


    Disc One:
    1. The Song That Jane Likes
    2. The Best of What's Around
    3. Help Myself
    4. Dancing Nancies
    5. Lover Lay Down
    6. True Reflections
    7. Minarets
    8. So Much To Say

    Disc Two:
    1. Recently
    2. Angel From Montgomery
    3. Two Step
    4. Halloween
    5. Pay For What You Get
    6. Lie In Our Graves
    7. Spotlight

    Disc Three:
    1. One Sweet World
    2. Satellite
    3. Ants Marching
    4. Jimi Thing
    5. What Would You Say
    6. Tripping Billies
    7. Warehouse

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  • DMBLIVE - Trax 2/22/94
    Item #: DMDD139
    2.22.94 Trax Charlottesville, VA
    After cultivating their local following, the band’s hard work started to pay off as they spent more time performing outside of Charlottesville and the Commonwealth of Virginia. This show marks their last performance at Trax, and the beginning of extensive touring that would take the band across the nation and around the world. The room’s energy is palpable and the musical delivery spot-on in this recording. This 17-song show hits many favorites and sweet spots, including a 13 min+ show-opening “Seek Up.” Only available as a two-track recording, this performance is a perfect companion piece to Live Trax 37 - the band’s first multitrack recording at the same venue a year prior.
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  • Live Trax Vol. 36: Alpine Valley Download
    Item #: DM410COMBO
    On July 26, 2015, the second night of a two-night run, Dave Matthews Band played their 29th show at Alpine Valley Music Theatre. A highlight of the 2015 Summer Tour, the show will be released in its entirety as Live Trax 36, a 3-CD set.

    The show kicks off with three solo selections by Dave: Beach Ball, Belly Full and the recent return of Let You Down - the song’s second full performance since 1997. Tim and Carter then join Dave on stage for a percussive rendition of Oh. Additional standouts of this first set include a powerful The Stone, and an acoustic set debut of Cry Freedom.

    The evening’s electric second set runs the gamut of the band’s lengthy career. DMB classics such as Minarets and Jimi Thing stand alongside newer selections, such as Belly Belly Nice and the otherwise unreleased Black And Blue Bird. Upon the final notes of a sprawling #41, the band takes a cue from the chanting crowd and launches into a funky full-length rendition of Thank You (Falettin Me Be Mice Elf Agin). The encore wraps up the performance with a sweet rendition of Sister and a powerful two-punch ending of Two Step > Halloween.

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  • DMB Live Trax Vol. 35: Post-Gazette Pavilion
    Item #: DMDD132
    This June, 2009 show at Post-Gazette Pavilion in Burgettstown, PA finds the band mid-support of its new album Big Whiskey And The Groo Grux King, dedicated to the life and legacy of LeRoi Moore. Although this is the first complete tour without the venerable Moore, the band still finds its groove having been on tour throughout the spring.

    The setlist balances both older fan favorites alongside new numbers from Big Whiskey. Every song is delivered well and with a certain element of playfulness. Carter’s drumming is on fire and especially lyrical on Big Whiskey tracks Funny the Way It Is and Why I Am; the crowd is engaged and happily singing along to a nearly 14 minute version of The Stone; Tim Reynolds and Jeff Coffin deliver huge performances while trading licks on Crush; Dave does a great cover of Rye Whiskey, a traditional favorite; and Time Bomb and offer a fiery match made in encore heaven. The band takes masterly command on this now-classic show at one of their most visited venues.

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  • DMB Live Trax Vol. 34: Deer Creek Music Center
    Item #: DMDD129

    In 2015 DMB will play their 35th show at Klipsch Music Center, making it their third most visited amphitheatre. We are pleased to announce June 24, 1999 as the 34th volume of the Live Trax series and celebrate this essential Summer Tour stop. This is the first show released from the venue formally called Deer Creek Music Center and closes the three-night run. This is also the first Live Trax release of the 1999 Summer Tour, which featured the still recent Before These Crowded Streets repertoire mixed with deeper cuts from the catalog.

    Opening with an older run of songs highlighted by LeRoi Moore's stunning work on Jimi Thing, The Best of What's Around and Proudest Monkey, the band shift into the dark Daniel Lanois cover For the Beauty of Wynona - one of the last full band versions and released only once before in the Live Trax series. The show's climax begins with a version of Granny with Dave singing unique improvised lyrics before an abruptly-ended Warehouse and set closing Ants Marching. Following an expanded version of Typical Situation, Dave takes Drive In, Drive Out to another level of intensity that just has to be heard; a perfect encore to end a fantastic run at Deer Creek.

    We have selected a third disc of bonus material from June 22 and 23, 1999 at Deer Creek that includes songs that had then been recently reinserted into set lists such as Cry Freedom and #40. The package concludes with a version of The Last Stop that you won't be able turn up loud enough.

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  • DMB Live Trax Vol. 33: Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel
    Item #: DMDD128

    This show, which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, marks the beginning of DMB’s powerful onstage presence with noticeable refinement and serious drive. A classic setlist, the 2nd night of this two night stand at Lupo’s opens with the quiet intensity of Seek Up and builds throughout the set as the band moves onto Minarets, Dancing Nancies and Warehouse. To round out this release we’ve added a selection of standouts from the first night of the run including an unreleased gem from the band’s venue soundcheck.

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  • DMBLive The Academy, New York, NY 4/5/1995
    Item #: DMDD125
    This special acoustic show, originally aired as a live radio broadcast, has some of the most intimate live versions of now classic Dave Matthews Band material we’ve ever heard. The show starts with a steady moving Recently which flows deftly to Water Into Wine>Lie In Our Graves, but the real highlight comes mid-show as the band runs through the first public performance of #40. The recordings, though missing the first part of Warehouse, deliver such energy that we had to include every bit of it that was available.
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  • Live Trax Vol. 32 CD or Download
    Item #: DMDD122
    Dave Matthews Band performed three shows at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, CA on August 22-24, 2014. The Saturday show of the celebrated weekend has been chosen as Live Trax 32 and will be released in its entirety as a 1-DVD / 3-CD set.

    The August 23rd Greek show features never-before-released acoustic material and showcases the band’s intimately cohesive, high-spirited live delivery of their music. Highlights of Live Trax 32 include the tour's acoustic debut of One Sweet World and the first live release of If Only. Rhyme and Reason with Stefan on stand-up bass and Jeff Coffin on flute and the funky, infectious groove of Recently are also noteworthy. Electric set stand-outs include the set opening #41 followed by When the World Ends and Rooftop and an explosive Grey Street which brought the energy of an encore during mid-show. The Lovely Ladies contributed in large part to the Berkeley magic, joining the band for tremendous vocals on Everyday, You and Me and Burning Down the House. The show-closing Rapunzel was a nice surprise ending to a stellar evening with the band.

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  • DMB Live Trax Vol. 31: Tweeter Center at the Waterfront
    Item #: DMDD118
    6.23.2001 Tweeter Center at the Waterfront - Camden, NJ

    On the heels of the Everyday album release, Dave Matthews Band embarked on a four and a half month long tour that featured Butch Taylor on keys, the Lovely Ladies on vocals and a run of almost twenty stadium shows. In late June, DMB brought their big stadium sound to the Tweeter Center at the Waterfront in Camden, New Jersey for three shows. We are happy to announce the standout June 23rd show as the next release in the Live Trax series, which includes an additional disc of highlights from the rest of the weekend.

    Highlights of this second night include several rarities. Grace is Gone features the original prelude that had never been heard live and in its entirety by the general public until this night. This release also includes the Live Trax debut of Mother Father as well as a cover of Phish's Waste, and one of the most beautiful solo intros to Satellite that we’ve heard to date.

    In addition, we have carefully selected a number of tracks to highlight the shows on June 22nd and 24th in Camden, NJ. This bonus disc features tour showpieces like the Big Eyed Fish > Bartender suite, fan favorites with a different twist (Minarets with the Lovely Ladies guesting) and hidden gems like Lover Lay Down, which might be the answer to "what was LeRoi's greatest moment on stage.”

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