New 2016 Tour Merchandise
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  • The Haiti Relief Project
    Item #: DMDD65
    Dave Matthews Band, in an initiative to assist in providing long-term support to the people of the earthquake-ravaged nation of Haiti, has established the Bama Works Haiti Relief Fund. This 5-song EP entitled The Haiti Relief Project, is now available with all net proceeds benefiting the relief fund.
    • $5.00
  • Dave and Tim Live in Las Vegas
    Item #: DMDD62
    The December 12th show is a perfect blend of Big Whiskey tracks performed for the first time acoustically; tried-and-true songs from Dave and Tim’s repertoire with a few surprises added to the mix. The show began with the jaunty Eh Hee followed by the crowd rousing Dancing Nancies. Perfect for the season, Christmas Song and Lying in the Hands of God are equally stirring. Grey Street and Tim’s rendition of Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir are also songs to take note of on the Live from Las Vegas setlist. The show closing Typical Situation followed by Two Step are also exceptional tracks on the release.
    • $17.99
  • Dave and Tim Live at Radio City
    Item #: DMDD31
    In April 2007, Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds embarked on a 3-city theatre tour, culminating with a performance in the intimate confines of Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Due to the smaller sized venues and extremely limited number of dates, tickets were practically impossible to get, making this new 2-CD set all the more desirable!

    Click on the product image for the official track listing.
    • $17.99
  • Dave Matthews - Some Devil
    Item #: DMDD13
    Some Devil is the first solo release from Dave Matthews on RCA records. Among the many musicians accompanying Dave on Some Devil are Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio and Dave's longtime collaborator, guitarist Tim Reynolds. Bassist Tony Hall, Bob Dylan, the Neville Brothers, Willie Nelson and drummer Brady Blade, Jr. Emmylou Harris, Steve Earle, Chris Whitley also appear on the album, which was produced by Busted Stuff producer Stephen Harris.
    • $13.99
  • Dave & Tim - Live At Luther College
    Item #: DMDD15
    An acoustic performance by Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds recorded live at Luther College on 2.6.1996.
    • $16.99
  • True Reflections
    Item #: DMDD14
    True Reflections is the debut solo record from Boyd Tinsley. The album features many great collaborations and guests, including Doyle Bramhall II, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Lisa Germano, Corey Harris, Dave Matthews, and Toshi Reagon.
    • $9.99
  • TR3 - 'From SPACE and Beyond'
    Item #: TRCD14
    'From SPACE and Beyond'

    During his breaks from the Dave Matthews Band, Tim Reynolds continues to tour relentlessly with his electric power trio, TR3. 'From SPACE and Beyond' is TR3’s first live CD, mixed from three shows they performed in 2009 at SPACE in Evanston, IL, the Recher Theatre in Towson, MD, and the Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA. The CD features special guest Jeff Coffin.

    “Tim’s versatility on guitar, the vocal abilities of he and his bandmates, the wickedly funky bass of Mick Vaughn and the superlative drumming style of Dan Martier combine to create something much greater than the sum of its parts. TR3 plays with a hard rock edge, and their music has a fresh, raw grittiness to it that is both refreshing and organic. Expect to be blown away by an incredibly kick-ass rock trio.” --Kenny Collins, WNTI Beyond

    • $15.99
  • The Limbic System Double CD
    Item #: TRCD13
    The long-awaited SOLO ACOUSTIC double CD entitled "The Limbic System"

    Tim Reynolds has released a rare solo-acoustic double CD of original music, entitled “The Limbic System”. One disc is entirely instrumental, the other with vocals. Named after the primitive part of the brain responsible for memories and pleasure, The Limbic System is a bit mysterious and the songs draw their inspiration from Reynolds’ wide-ranging interests. Although lately he’s been surrounded by electric guitars, Reynolds always keeps an acoustic guitar close by, even when he’s on the road with DMB or TR3. “When I play on my acoustic guitar, I find that more original music develops and unfolds. It’s good for me spiritually, as my body naturally has a desire to keep playing.” The album cover features artwork by Tim’s son, Jostin.
    • $14.99
  • Radiance CD
    Item #: TRCD12
    1. See You In Your Dreams
    2. The Wind Just Blew the Door Wide Open
    3. By Your Side
    4. Move on Ahead
    5. Victory Express
    6. Test of Time
    7. Sweet Spot
    8. Kabbalah
    9. Do You Wanna
    10. Meaning to Tell You
    11. Trippin' on You
    12. Cave Man
    13. Burning Season
    14. Ley Lines
    15. Wild Country
    • $14.00
  • Parallel Universe CD
    Item #: TRCD11
    Produced by Tim Reynolds and Diane Thomas.

    Track Listing:

    Parrallel Universe:
    1. From This World
    2. Dreaming
    3. Industrial Complex
    4. Torch of Uncertainty
    5. Alpha Wave
    6. Uncover The Reason
    7. Indoctrinate
    8. Face Off
    9. Tribulatuion
    10. This Is How Much I Love You

    Bonus Disc - Invisible Pagan Underdogs:
    1. Mercury Direct
    2. In Flames Beside My Brain
    3. Angel With A Broken Wing
    4. Alienation
    5. Sometimes Love Sighs
    6. You Don't Know
    7. Plastic Man
    8. Pulse
    9. Jupiter's Wounded Soul
    10. The Sky Is Calling
    11. Mother Nature
    12. Buddah Of Compassion
    13. Invisible Pagan Underdogs
    • $14.00
  • Chaos View CD
    Item #: TRCD10
    Tim Reynolds' 2002 release. Mind-blowing techniques on both electric and acoustic guitars.
    • $14.00
  • Nomadic Wavelengths CD
    Item #: TRCD09
    Tim Reynolds CD
    • $14.00
  • See Into Your Soul CD
    Item #: TRCD07
    Tim Reynolds CD
    • $14.00
  • Puke Matrix Tour-Live
    Item #: TRCD05
    The long awaited live album!
    • $14.00
  • Astral Projection CD
    Item #: TRCD06
    New CD by the guitar God!
    • $14.00
  • Sanctuary CD
    Item #: TRCD04
    Tim Reynolds Double Disc.
    • $17.00
  • Gossip of the Neurons CD
    Item #: TRCD03
    Tim Reynolds CD
    • $14.00
  • Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk 3D Official Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Item #: DMCD54
    The soundtrack for MacGillivray Freeman Films Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk features a stirring score composed and arranged by Steve Wood and Stefan Lessard. Lessard and Wood arranged and recorded variations of six DMB songs, which find fresh meaning within the context of the powerful film, and together created new compositions for the film. Carter Beauford, frequent collaborator Tim Reynolds, longtime DMB friend Richard Hardy, who plays Native American flute, legendary steel guitar player Greg Leisz and guitarist Michael Hamilton were recruited for the project. Stefan plays bass and guitars and Wood plays keyboard and harmonica on the soundtrack. Click the product image for the complete track listing.

    The IMAX® Theatre 3D film is being screened nationwide, for more information on Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk, click here
    • $14.99
  • Jeff Coffin & the Mutet "Into The Air" CD
    Item #: DMCD95
    The first studio recording since 2008’s MUTOPIA featuring Jeff Coffin, Jeff Sipe, Felix Pastorious, Kofi Burbridge, Bill Fanning, with very special guest Lionel Loueke.
    • $12.00
  • Jeff Coffin & The Mutet Live! CD
    Item #: DMCD98
    Special 2 CD Set performed in concert featuring Jeff Coffin, Jeff Sipe, Felix Pastorious, Kofi Burbridge, Bill Fanning, Mike Seal, Chris Walters.
    • $17.99
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