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DMB Stand Up Dual Version CD
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DMB Stand Up Dual Version CD

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Stand Up is DMB’s 6th studio release on RCA Records. The Stand Up dual-disc is a DVD which includes a short feature of the making of Stand Up . The audio side contains the full-length album.

*dual discs contain a DVD, which includes a short feature of the making of the album plus the album in DVD stereo; the Audio side contains the full-length album. To learn more about dual discs, please click here.

Click on the product image to view the track listing. Item #: DMCD27
Track Listing:

1. Dreamgirl
2. Old Dirt Hill (Bring That Beat Back)
3. Stand Up (For It)
4. American Baby Intro
5. American Baby
6. Smooth Rider
7. Everybody Wake Up (Our Finest Hour Arrives) 8. Out Of My Hands
9. Hello Again
10. Louisiana Bayou
11. Stolen Away On 55th & 3rd
12. You Might Die Trying
13. Steady As We Go
14. Hunger For The Great Light
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Average Customer Rating  (55) | Read All | Write a Review
unknown (9/30/2006)
Let me tell you a simple fact about myself, I love the Dave Matthews Band. Anyone and everyone in my life knows this about me, whether you are a good friend or not. In everyone's life there are foundations enabling us to STAND UP, and the Dave Matthews Band is one of them for me. His music has been with me since the beginning of my adult life. Since I was 12 years old I have loved every single song they have released. It amazes me how the Dave Matthews Band is able to adapt and change with every CD. So many bands today just stay the same, and it gets boring so you lose touch with them. Oh, but not the Dave Matthews Band; rather they continue to change and blow me away with great music. You know why I love this CD, because it is mix between county, bluegrass, southern blues, and rock that only the Dave Matthews Band can pull off. When I eventually get married, and believe me Sarah, it will happen, I think I am going to chose "Steady As We Go," as my wedding song, it is just great. Stand Up, is classic Dave Matthews Band at their best, and I thank GOD, for bringing Dave Matthews Band into this world, because music like this deserves to be made.
melissa (6/23/2006)
You know what...I love this CD! I think that a band needs to change slightly from time to time to keep things fresh. This CD is a perfect reflection of that! Is this album comparable to Under The Table And Dreaming...no. It's different, and change is good! I love the "Southern" sound of most of the tracks. You could see the inspiration came from the set of Because of Winn Dixie. Another good example of a great band that changed: The Beatles. Now think about it....I Wanna Hold Your Hand was NOTHING similar to Yellow Submarine. Bands have to change to stay on top of things. I love Stand Up. I love ALL of their CDs (even Everday). I'm proud to be a Dave fan, and I'll be one for life. Melissa
Snails (5/9/2006)
OK. so...... This CD can be summed up in one word-FUN. see if you look into all his studio Albums, you will see the themes. for example, Under the Table and Dreaming was his first studio release. If you look into each song you find out that the songs are sort of experimental. Most of them have and upbeat tune and are almost festive. Next you come to Crash. Crash has a reflective mood to it. Crash also questions life to some degree. When you get to BTCS, you see that the first half has a delightfull mood. Towards the middle the mood also gets a bit angry and finally towards the end, the mood becomes a sort of "oh i fell this is sad but i get back up. As we get to Everyday, we see sort of greediness in Dave with his everday songs. He talks about himself in that CD. Next we go on to Busted Stuff. Now let me say this, Busted Stuff is his strongest and most powerfull CD. if you pay attention to his songs, you will see some of his darkest parts of life in the lyrics. Still he puts hints of hope in that CD. Finally we reach Stand Up. Now Stand Up is strictly a fun CD. He was playin around when he made this album. Sure you have hints about the current state of the world scattered around in this album. but the majority is jus Dave being chill and messin around. I had mixed feelings bout the CD when i first heard it, but it is an excellent 'chill' CD. of course this CD does not even scratch the quality that BTCS has, but its up there with the rest of Dave's albums. in all very satisfying CD.
anklecracker (5/5/2006)
When I first listened to this I sorta got it but after the third listen it hit home....definitely top three among their CD's for me ....different than earlier DMB for sure but I relate DMB's approach to my other favorite band....Rush....not that their sound is anywhere near similar....but consider...the members of both groups are consumate musicians....they aren't afraid to explore and grow musically and say something meaningful with their lyrics (I would love to get Neil Peart and Dave in a room and listen to them talk shop about writing lyrics)....and they truly care about their fans...I only hope that DMB can last as long as Rush (32 years and counting)...
Lillywhite (5/5/2006)
i thought this cd was awesome,especially when they play the songs live. It is great to see dmb still make amazing music after being together over ten years. I especially love smooth rider. I also liked the extras on the cd. It was nice to see where they recorded the album and just see them in their own environment.
Allie (3/29/2006)
Great cd. There is a great varitey of fast and slow songs. You Might Die Trying is a great one. All these songs are different but still have DMB's amazing sound :) Don't know what I did without these songs, they have also transformed over shows. American Baby has become a song of its own, so good. I would recommend this to anyone :)
Caitlin (3/28/2006)
Sure its not like the rest of Dave but...I cant find a song that I skip over! I love this CD
Mirgurl (3/15/2006)

Joe (3/1/2006)
True, it's not classic DMB like Under the Table or Crash, but why would anyone continually want more of the same. Each new studio album showcases the growth of the band, and each summer we all get to hear their creativity in a live setting. What more could any fan ask for?? Stand Up is definately one of my favorites.
Brooke (2/17/2006)
I was leary about this first few songs I listened to but then like all of Daves other music it is a great feel good sound. I listen to this CD as much as I do all his other CDs now and I still love all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
J Skiba (2/8/2006)
EXCELLENT CD, but the DVD is amazing! It really gives fans a behind-the-scenes look into what it takes to make a DMB album and all the talent from each member is incredible!
Lauren (1/26/2006)
i love this CD, even though it is different from all the other ones DMB has made it is still an amazing add to my collection and it was amazing to see these songs performed live.
CLARA (1/23/2006)
Impossible to believe but DMB just keeps on doin' it better. I must say that this is the sexiest album yet. Music for the soul! I love you guys!
Karissa (1/18/2006)
I was completely blown away when I listened to this ablum. With every ablum, the band continues to include more musical elements, such as African Melodies, and various instruments in their music. With every release DMB continues to re-establish themselves as a pivital band in music history. They will soon find themselves mentioned along the same lines as The Beatles, Led Zepplin, and the Greatful Dead to name a few.
Beau Smith (1/16/2006)
How can the Dave Matthews Band create bad music?? They can't!! This just shows that a change is as good as a holiday! I just wish I lived in the States so I could see more shows!! Beau, Sydney.
Dylan Morley (9/2/2005)
It took a little while to adjust to a 'new' DMB sound. However, the more I listen, the more I can sense the old DMB blending with the new. It is a natural progression that I feel is among their albums to date. A bit on the political side, but I for one am glad they care enough to "STAND UP"!!
Kally (1/5/2006)
DMB started from very humble roots, with R2T. They were still getting a feel for making music within THIS band, and with THESE people. 15 years later, we have Stand Up, arguably their most sophisticated endeavor yet. We all have our favorites among the classic DMB songs (mine is Dancing Nancies) and I doubt that they will ever change. But with this new cd, the band stretches its musical legs and they test the boundaries, and find that they have none. It's incredible to hear the same political ideas in an entirely new light. DMB is my generation's answer to John Lennon, or perhaps Bruce Springsteen: an ode to the working man, the peaceful pride of a country, but mixed in with some glorious tributes to childhood and coming of age, and a healthy dose of sexuality. All of this is expressed with a new focus on vocals and harmonies. It's a powerful and spectacular album, and I highly recommend it.
john (12/11/2005)
Stefanie (12/5/2005)
I love this new album, its different.
Mahanna (12/5/2005)
I loved this cd the minute I bought it off the shelf, yet all I heard was complaints about this cd when it first came out. Then as soon as people starting heading to the summer tour and the band played some of the songs live for them, they starting loving it. So to anyone who says Dave is a sell out...YOUR WRONG! It's some of the fans who are the sell outs.
Dave Matthews Band (11/29/2005)
The sound was different from what I've listened to of Dave Matthews Band in the past but no less entertaining or artistic.
Tiffanym2003 (11/28/2005)
Another star in the compliation done by DMB. This disc (and DVD) hits all high points with me, and especially being able to see them perform some of the new stuff live a few months later was great! A great disc, a great DVD!
Matt Revenaugh (11/27/2005)
This album is superbly DMB. As always, the band takes us all on a new ride. The sound is not like thier first album, but none have ever been. It takes courage to change something that's not broken. Each track brings new insight into a remarkable set of musicians. The DVD gives perfect insight into the creative process. The producer Mark Batson is an excellent addition, his ear for sweet licks and generosity to the musicians makes for an excellent product. I seriously have added many of these tracks to my all time favorites from Dave and the lads. Watch for "You Might Die Trying" to become an anthem for many heroic charities. We can only hope that this album is a watershed and that we get more music of this quality from the band.
Samantha (11/27/2005)
Dave and the group does it again! Fantastic....I can't turn it off.
Amy Gean (11/27/2005)
I Love It!!! That's all I can say!
Larvin (11/13/2005)
one of their best!
filmtress (11/1/2005)
I'm still a virgin in terms of this DMB "juggernaught" thing and is still discovering him. Just when this piece sweetly seduced me (Dreamgirl), I found myself in the midst of a delicious wicked sex fantasy with 'Hunger For The Great Light'. Dave, you're truly a gifted African. The only 'white boy' I would take home to meet my mama. From a real Soul Sister and yes you could have been my 'Little Brother.' But I'd still make you sing for me or else...you don't want to know...just be afraid, be very...good.
Missy (10/27/2005)
I must say Crash and Under the Table have always been my top favorites, as of now Stand Up is fighting for the #1 spot. It did take me a few times to listen to it all the way through to get it though, at first just a few songs stood out, but after another dose or two, the whole cd is mind blowing! Its Serious & Sexy....it hits the spot!
James N (10/19/2005)
This is soooo great! Awesome job!!! Shows us all that we can keep growing and evolving, even when we feel we are in pretty good place…these song sound better every time I hear them.
Peggy (10/15/2005)
If you’re even entertaining the thought of purchasing the Stand Up dual disk, then do it! The quality, sound, and video footage come through beautifully. The lyrics on this album are spiced with love in its myriad expressions, new families for many of the guys, and politics. Yeah, Dave never fails to challenge and encourage political thought, but this album seems to come with a comfortably secure distancing from the political arena on his part. Instead, he turns it over to us, his listeners, as if to say, “Dreamers, dream me.” And so I will. Standing up none the less. You simply can’t go wrong with any of Dave Matthews Band’s albums, and the dual disk is just the oregano on the pizza. I have nothing but gratitude for this band.
vara (10/11/2005)
Great album
Pam (10/6/2005)

Bridgett (10/6/2005)
They did it again! It is amazing to see a group put out so many great albums. I am very happy that they have stayed together and made millions of Dave Matthews Band fans very happy year after year! Thanks Dave!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Johnny D. (10/4/2005)
The new DMB sound is awesome. I found myself nodding my head back and forth like I was listening to a hip-hop ablum. Then I was like, wait a minute, this is DMB. Great sound, different from before, but none the less, still DMB. There's no one greater baby!!
Kristin Sautter (10/3/2005)
I love it
J. Parks (10/1/2005)

James (9/26/2005)
This is my new favorite cd. Although the old stuff is and will always remain cool, this album is now my #1.
Amy M of MI (9/12/2005)
Bravo, another exceptional album. My favorite since "Under the Table and Dreaming". Intriguing introductions to many of the songs. Many trademark sounds of the band utilized along with awesome new elements. I enjoy the album more and more each time I listen to it. Thank you so much for providing music that 30+ consumers can enjoy.
Sadie (9/6/2005)
I think it's a great mix. The band is really keeping up with the tims on this one. Love it!
Aaron (9/6/2005)
One of the Best CD's Yet!
Chad Y. (9/3/2005)
I'm sure everyone was like "whoa whats this" when they first heard "Stand Up", but as you listen to it more and more, you fall in love with it just like all the other dmb stuff. This was a new change from all the lillywhite sessions and they needed it. I think this cd is a whole new begining for the band. This cd has more of an upbeat sound but is still the same old dmb. I hope you enjoy the cd as much as I did. I would recommend that you buy the dual disc version so you can see how dave, boyd , leroi, carter , and stefan made this amazing piece of art on the dvd side.
LeeAnn Haynes (8/28/2005)
I LOVE THE NEW CD....I have purchased two already because I already wore the first one out. LOVE IT....Thanks DMB- I LOVE YOU.
Paul Hart (8/25/2005)
One of the best albums I own
Tex (8/23/2005)
Good, raw and a relatively new tone. However, in the process, DMB loses some of its soul, its jazz/blues/southern rock roots.
Mike Santora (8/22/2005)
Awesome studio CD. Probably the best one since Before These Crowded Streets. Crazy-Easy and Good Good Time would have made this album a perfect 5, but here's hoping they make an appearance on the next album!!!
froh 2.0 (8/22/2005)
You have to play it over and over then you will like it. But if you see it live you will definitely understand taht they were just trying something new.
DREAMER (8/16/2005)
Danielle (8/11/2005)

Mike Deraco (8/10/2005)

Jennifer (8/10/2005)
I think this is an excellent representation of this generation the last generation and probably many to come. This CD forces me to never forget what the reality of it all really is. Powerful, inspirational, and relative as Dave and the Band have ever been.
Dusty (8/10/2005)
Personally, I love it. Then again I love everything DMB.
Ryan (9/10/2007)
Unique & Fresh. Old Dirt Road ranks among my favorites.
Justin Smith (12/30/2006)
I loved it. It really big jump for the band, like an evolution of their sound, which only seems to be getting better and better. This chapter of their story took on kind of more pop/rock/jazzy feel to it, their sound once stretching more above and beyond. They have always been my favorite band, because they had achieved a sound no one had ever done, and now with this CD, have even further improved. Sure it's large leap from what they used to do, but even the critics are probably starting to think after a while, "Ya know ... not too shabby." Peace.
Carly (12/26/2006)
I loved this CD. this CD is soooo different than all of his others but i loved it!