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DMB Live Trax Vol. 17: Shoreline Amphitheatre
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DMB Live Trax Vol. 17: Shoreline Amphitheatre

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7.06.97, Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA.
For the 17th release in the DMB Live Trax series, we chose the Shoreline show from 1997 which is also the first release from that year. This was the band’s third performance at Shoreline Amphitheatre, opened south of San Francisco in 1986 in cooperation with promoter Bill Graham who designed the venue space to resemble the Grateful Dead’s Steal Your Face image.

Highlights of the summer 97 Shoreline show include the debut release of Leave Me Praying (which later evolves into Don’t Drink the Water) and the cover of Daniel Lanois’ For The Beauty of Wynona featuring Los Lobos’ Steve Berlin on sax and David Hidalgo on electric guitar. Jimi Thing features remarkable horn play by LeRoi and Steve Berlin in a musical conversation with Carter’s drums. Hidalgo’s guitar solo in Lie In Our Graves is also worth mention, lending a special sweetness to the song.

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1:2#419:18Dave Matthews Band$1.25
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2:10Ants Marching7:42Dave Matthews Band$1.25
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2:7Anyone Seen the Bridge?1:21Dave Matthews Band$1.25
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1:4Best of What's Around5:56Dave Matthews Band$1.25
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2:4Crash Into Me6:05Dave Matthews Band$1.25
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2:3Dancing Nancies10:16Dave Matthews Band$1.25
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2:1For The Beauty of Wynona7:41Dave Matthews Band$1.25
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1:6Jimi Thing14:25Dave Matthews Band$1.25
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2:9Leave Me Praying9:13Dave Matthews Band$1.25
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1:7Lie In Our Graves10:22Dave Matthews Band$1.25
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1:5Lover Lay Down7:15Dave Matthews Band$1.25
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2:2Pay For What You Get5:52Dave Matthews Band$1.25
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1:3Say Goodbye8:47Dave Matthews Band$1.25
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2:6So Much To Say4:42Dave Matthews Band$1.25
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2:8Too Much4:40Dave Matthews Band$1.25
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2:5Tripping Billies6:03Dave Matthews Band$1.25
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1:1Two Step8:20Dave Matthews Band$1.25
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1:2#419:19Dave Matthews Band Album Only
2:10Ants Marching7:42Dave Matthews Band Album Only
2:7Anyone Seen the Bridge?1:21Dave Matthews Band Album Only
1:4Best of What's Around5:57Dave Matthews Band Album Only
2:4Crash Into Me6:06Dave Matthews Band Album Only
2:3Dancing Nancies10:16Dave Matthews Band Album Only
2:1For The Beauty of Wynona7:42Dave Matthews Band Album Only
1:6Jimi Thing14:26Dave Matthews Band Album Only
2:9Leave Me Praying9:13Dave Matthews Band Album Only
1:7Lie In Our Graves10:22Dave Matthews Band Album Only
1:5Lover Lay Down7:16Dave Matthews Band Album Only
2:2Pay For What You Get5:52Dave Matthews Band Album Only
1:3Say Goodbye8:47Dave Matthews Band Album Only
2:6So Much To Say4:42Dave Matthews Band Album Only
2:8Too Much4:40Dave Matthews Band Album Only
2:5Tripping Billies6:04Dave Matthews Band Album Only
1:1Two Step8:20Dave Matthews Band Album Only

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  • Live Trax Vol 25: UMB Bank Pavilion
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    We have selected DMB's 2006 tour opening show in Maryland Heights, MO for our 25th Live Trax release. This show represents Rashawn's first show as a touring member and showcases the synergy between him and LeRoi. Highlights include an energetic Granny as a show opener and, in our opinion, one of the best live Grey Streets out there! This era catches the band honing in and experimenting with the "new songs" of Stand Up such as Louisiana Bayou and Hunger For the Great Light and newer pieces like Sister which came after the sessions for that album. Some rarer tunes, Raven and Don’t Burn the Pig , make this a show we think you'll love.
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    The DMB Crew is particularly excited about the next Live Trax release. The July 14, 2010 Montage Mountain, Scranton, PA show is a true gem. The band really crushed it on stage delivering an over 3-hour performance! The Montage Mountain show’s setlist draws from all different time frames and showcases some relatively new arrangements and jams. Grace is Gone features a country- tinged outro and You and Me has a nice Digging A Ditch tease intro. So Damn Lucky is a pretty epic jam and the horns reprise the Digging A Ditch melody again in the song. #41 is a definite highlight, clocking in at over 20 minutes with Two Step a close second at sixteen minutes. The spontaneous little jam before Pantala Naga Pampa > Rapunzel and the energetic Two Step both serve to illustrate what a great time the band members were having on stage that night. Click the album cover for the Official Track Listing
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    As part of a continual effort to celebrate the life and memory of our friend and brother, founding DMB member LeRoi Moore, we are releasing his last concert performance as Live Trax Volume 14. Proceeds from the sales will be donated by Dave Matthews Band in LeRoi’s memory to the Charlottesville Music Resource Center and the Boys and Girls Club of Charlottesville-Albemarle, among other charitable organizations which best reflect LeRoi’s spirit and passions. Highlights of the Nissan show include the acoustic version of The Space Between , a song that had not been played live since 04. Sledgehammer made its live debut at the Nissan show, afterwards becoming a favorite on summer tour set lists. Other highlights include the ever-passionate Don't Drink the Water , a tight version of So Damn Lucky followed by The Dreaming Tree ; Boyd's jam on Louisiana Bayou and LeRoi and Rashawn's jam on Anyone Seen the Bridge are also noteworthy. The show ended with another summer tour favorite, Sly and the Family Stone's Thank You (Falletin Me Be Mice Elf Agin) . booklet | tray inlay | CD labels
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