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DMB Live at Mile High Music Festival
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DMB Live at Mile High Music Festival

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Dave Matthews Band treated festival-goers to a supercharged and electric set as the closer of the inaugural Mile High Music Festival outside Denver, CO this past July. Refreshed from a week-long respite midway through the annual summer tour, Dave Matthews Band delivered a incendiary two and a half hour performance, including new covers unveiled earlier in the summer.

Please note that this album releases on December 16, 2008 at which time your digital download will become available.

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 Item #: DMDD41
Highlights of the Live at Mile High release include Jimi Thing, which features a commanding solo by Boyd and Dave’s entertaining scatting. Carter’s thundering drum solo on Two Step, and Tim Reynolds’ solos on You Might Die Trying and Proudest Monkey are not to be missed. The So Much To Say segue into Anyone Seen the Bridge> Too Much> Ants Marching is a truly remarkable part of the Colorado show!

DMB’s cover of Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer will make its album debut on the Colorado release. From the crowd stirring opener, Don’t Drink the Water through the prized #41 jam, to the triple encore ending with Sly and the Family Stone’s Thank You (Falletin Me Be Mice Elf Agin), Live at Mile High Music Festival is a must-have for the DMB collection.

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PlaySong TitleTimeArtistPriceBuy
1:1Don't Drink The Water - Live At Mile High Music Festival7:13Dave Matthews Band $1.25
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1:2You Might Die Trying - Live At Mile High Music Festival7:29Dave Matthews Band $1.25
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1:3Eh Hee - Live At Mile High Music Festival4:25Dave Matthews Band $1.25
  • Buy Track
1:4Two Step - Live At Mile High Music Festival14:05Dave Matthews Band $1.25
  • Buy Track
1:5Proudest Monkey - Live At Mile High Music Festival8:10Dave Matthews Band $1.25
  • Buy Track
1:6Satellite - Live At Mile High Music Festival3:44Dave Matthews Band $1.25
  • Buy Track
1:7Cornbread - Live At Mile High Music Festival6:42Dave Matthews Band $1.25
  • Buy Track
2:1Sledgehammer - Live At Mile High Music Festival5:56Dave Matthews Band $1.25
  • Buy Track
2:2Stay (Wasting Time) - Live At Mile High Music Festival6:53Dave Matthews Band $1.25
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2:3Old Dirt Hill (Bring That Beat Back) - Live At Mile High Music Festival5:12Dave Matthews Band $1.25
  • Buy Track
2:4Jimi Thing - Live At Mile High Music Festival14:57Dave Matthews Band $1.25
  • Buy Track
2:5#41 - Live At Mile High Music Festival15:12Dave Matthews Band $1.25
  • Buy Track
2:6Tripping Billies - Live At Mile High Music Festival6:38Dave Matthews Band $1.25
  • Buy Track
2:7So Damn Lucky - Live At Mile High Music Festival8:09Dave Matthews Band $1.25
  • Buy Track
3:1So Much To Say - Live At Mile High Music Festival5:46Dave Matthews Band $1.25
  • Buy Track
3:2Anyone Seen The Bridge - Live At Mile High Music Festival1:59Dave Matthews Band $1.25
  • Buy Track
3:3Too Much - Live At Mile High Music Festival5:10Dave Matthews Band $1.25
  • Buy Track
3:4Ants Marching - Live At Mile High Music Festival8:50Dave Matthews Band $1.25
  • Buy Track
3:5Gravedigger - Live At Mile High Music Festival4:49Dave Matthews Band $1.25
  • Buy Track
3:6Louisiana Bayou - Live At Mile High Music Festival7:30Dave Matthews Band $1.25
  • Buy Track
3:7Thank You (Falletin Me Be Mice Elf Agin) - Live At Mile High Music Festival8:17Dave Matthews Band $1.25
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1:1Don't Drink The Water7:13Dave Matthews Band Album Only
1:2You Might Die Trying7:30Dave Matthews Band Album Only
1:3Eh Hee4:25Dave Matthews Band Album Only
1:4Two Step14:06Dave Matthews Band Album Only
1:5Proudest Monkey8:10Dave Matthews Band Album Only
1:6Satellite5:07Dave Matthews Band Album Only
1:7Corn Bread6:42Dave Matthews Band Album Only
2:1Sledgehammer5:55Dave Matthews Band Album Only
2:2Stay (Wasting Time)6:53Dave Matthews Band Album Only
2:3Old Dirt Hill (Bring That Beat Back)5:12Dave Matthews Band Album Only
2:4Jimi Thing14:58Dave Matthews Band Album Only
2:5#4115:12Dave Matthews Band Album Only
2:6Tripping Billies6:38Dave Matthews Band Album Only
2:7So Damn Lucky8:10Dave Matthews Band Album Only
3:1So Much To Say5:46Dave Matthews Band Album Only
3:2Anyone Seen The Bridge1:59Dave Matthews Band Album Only
3:3Too Much5:10Dave Matthews Band Album Only
3:4Ants Marching8:50Dave Matthews Band Album Only
3:5Gravedigger4:49Dave Matthews Band Album Only
3:6Louisiana Bayou7:30Dave Matthews Band Album Only
3:7Thank You (Falletin Me Be Mice Elf Agin)8:18Dave Matthews Band Album Only
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